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“To Our Neighbors, Customers, Friends…
"Lovely To See You Again!”

We have had such a super spring time here at The Great Pumpkin Patch [TGPP] and The Homestead Bakery [THB], and we know why. . . it’s because of all of you – our treasured neighbors, our valued customers, our on-the-road friends. Even though the Patch is in pre-season, we’ve had the privilege of seeing you all around this Central Illinois community.

Thank you for joining us at the following nearby places: here at the Bakery as our retail doors sprang open this season, as well as for our annual Open House; here at the Patch for our annual Great Gourd Gathering; and here in downtown Arthur IL for the village’s annual Strawberry Jam.

We also thank you for looking us up each week at the not-so-nearby places. We at THB have such a terrific time catching up with our steadfast regulars who show up throughout our spring and summer Farmers’ Market gigs. And all the new faces we see are quickly becoming part of our regulars – those caramel-iced cinnamon rolls and those “mile-high” angel food cakes are truly hard to resist, huh?!

We’ve settled right back into our groove at Urbana’s “Market at the Square” {Lincoln Square Mall parking lot at 400 South Vine) and the “Sullivan Farmers’ Market” {corner of Rts 121 and 32), both with welcoming ease. At the Urbana market every Saturday from 7am-noon, we’re now using more space to better accommodate your shopping needs. And due to popular demand, at the Sullivan market every Friday afternoon, we’re happy to say its hours have been extended now from noon to 6pm.

This year, THB is going for a triple play! We feel very fortunate to be included in on the launching of Decatur’s “Saturday Produce Market”[SPM], so conveniently located at the Shilling parking lot of Richland Community College {corner of College Park and Brush College Road). We’re now covering two markets at the same time – this, too, is every Saturday from 7am-noon. All of us SPM vendors are off to a grand start, aptly excited about seeing new faces, greeting new customers and making new friends.

It’s always lovely seeing you! So keep walking in at our Bakery store, and be sure to catch up with us at any of these ideal market locales! And look for something new onsite when you come back to The Patch this fall for our 22nd year from Sept 15th through Oct 31st. Visiting The Great Pumpkin Patch here in Arthur IL is always something to look forward to!