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We’re excited for you to visit our family farm! This is truly a working farm on the Illinois prairie, so it gets windy and can be dusty. Like all farmers, we live by the weather. Over the years, we’ve discovered what works best for us, and our visitors. Take a look through the FAQs to answer some questions about your visit.
Money Related Questions
What kind of payment do you accept?
We take cash, debit, or credit cards at every location. We do NOT have an ATM on site.
What is the price range for pumpkins?
We have pumpkins ranging from $2 to $35 for Prizewinners (80+ lb. pumpkins). A basketball size pumpkin is around $9. Squash and gourds are priced per piece, based on size and variety.
Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, we offer free admission to anyone with a military ID and their immediate family. Thank you for your service.
Do you wholesale pumpkins?
We do not sell our produce wholesale.
For your Convenience
Do you have restrooms?
During pumpkin season (mid-September - October), public restrooms are available at The Great Pumpkin Patch near eating areas and in the parking lot south of The Homestead Bakery.
Where do we park?
Enter the farm at the main entrance and follow the signs to over 5 acres of free parking.
Can we leave and come back?
Yes, you can! We’ll stamp your hand to let our admissions staff know that you’ll be back.
Is the farm wheelchair accessible?
Yes, most areas of the farm are wheelchair accessible. We have accessible parking spaces and a few wheelchairs available to guests.
About your visit
Are you open every day?
The Great Pumpkin Patch is open Wednesday–Sunday and Indigenous People's Day Monday from 9am–6pm. The Homestead Bakery is open Monday - Friday from 9am–5pm and Saturday from 9am–3pm year-round. During pumpkin season, the bakery is open seven days a week from 9am–6pm.
How long should we allow for a visit?
Generally, guests spend 2-3 hours at the farm. Depending on how much you choose to explore, you could easily spend all day.
What should we bring with us?
We suggest you bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and clothing appropriate for the weather. Feel free to bring your own wagon or stroller for the kids and remember, you’re at the farm. If it’s rained recently, it could be muddy.
Do you have wagons available?
We have several hundred wagons available for your produce purchases. We do not allow people in our wagons. Feel free to bring your own wagon or stroller for the kids.
May we bring our own food and drink?
Yes, you can—we have picnic tables available in the Taste of the Patch for your use. We do have food and drinks available for purchase at the farm. Alcohol is prohibited at The 200 Acres.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, we do allow pets. For the safety of your pet(s) and all of our guests, we ask you follow these guidelines: One pet per person. Your pet must be on a leash at all times. You must clean up after your pet. Your pet must be friendly to other animals and people. Pets are not allowed in buildings or on picnic tables.
Can we bring a professional photographer to the pumpkin patch for family photos or wedding/engagement photos?
We do allow photographers with paid admission. You must come during regular business hours. Keep in mind that our farm is open to the public, we will not reserve areas of the farm for your private use. Please call ahead and let us know when you are coming.
Are you open year-round?
Yes we are! We are open Monday-Saturday, from 9am-5pm. When The Great Pumpkin Patch is open, we’re open 7 days a week, from 9am-6pm.
What payment do you accept?
We take all major credit and debit cards and cash.
How many people will one angel food cake serve?
You can serve 8-12, depending on the size of pieces. Make sure to use a serrated knife when cutting angel food cake.
Do cinnamon rolls freeze well?
Absolutely. Cinnamon rolls can be frozen for up to 3 months. We don’t recommend freezing them twice.
Can you freeze angel food cakes?
Yes you can. We like to slice the cake before freezing, and then pull the slices out of the freezer as needed.
Do you wholesale baked goods?
Yes we do. For more information on wholesale, visit our wholesale page (add link) on the website.
Do you do fundraisers?
Yes we do. For more information on fundraisers, visit our fundraiser page (add link) on the website.
Farm Questions (And all other questions)
How should I store my pumpkins?
Pumpkins and squash should be stored in a cool, dry place (like a heated garage or basement or even your pantry). We like to keep ours out and on display - try the mantel or dining room table.
Are you organic?
No, we are not organic. However, we do take into consideration when, why and what we are spraying for.
What is a cucurbit anyway?
It’s just a fancy botanical term for vining plants, which include pumpkins, squash, gourds, melons, cucumbers, and even luffas.
What’s an heirloom?
An heirloom vegetable is a variety that is over 50 years old, has been grown year after year, and has been seed saved to maintain the genetics.
Can I save my seed from the pumpkin I bought at TGPP?
You can definitely save the seed, but more than likely you will not get the same variety if planted because of cross pollination. To get pure fruit, the plants have to be grown in isolation.
Are you open on rainy days?
Yes we are! It takes quite a massive storm for us to shut down, but if you want to make sure, check our Facebook or Instagram pages to stay up-to-date.
When is the least busy time to visit?
Tuesday through Friday is a good time to visit if you want to avoid bigger crowds. Keep in mind that field trips usually come in the mornings. The weekends surrounding, and including, Columbus Day weekend are our busiest time.
Can we feed the animals?
We do not allow customers to feed or pet our animals, for the safety of you and our animals.
Is smoking allowed at the Patch?
No, we do not allow smoking on our farm.