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Perfect Fall Weekend at TGPP

After a quick glimpse and an armchair analysis of AccuWeather stats, we’re looking at another lovely weekend here on the TGPP farm . . . approx HIGHs of 70° and approx LOWs of 55°, cloudiness will take over the sky from time to time, but no actual rainfall is predicted throughout the weekend. So, while you’re out and about making the most of this gorgeous Fall weekend, be sure to stop in at The Great Pumpkin Patch.

This weekend you can seize the opportunity to purchase some fantastic gourd artware presented by Paula Farrell. Between 11am and 3pm (if these yummy portions last that long!!), you’ve got to get your freebie ‘Squash Tasting’ sample. You can “busta move” or “hop ‘n bop” or even “swing a’beat” to the rhythmic country and gospel tunes of Arthur’s own Gunny Sack Revue band from 1:00-4:00pm.

Make it here for another fun, exciting and perfect Fall weekend

at The Great Pumpkin Patch. Be another visitor to discover that we’re

much more than just a pumpkin patch!