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Let’s Talk Cucurbits

Saturday, August 6, 2011, Mac Condill is speaking at a Master Gardeners’ seminar in Noblesville IN. This seminar’s theme is “Gardens –  More than just a pretty flower.”Mac will explain how pumpkin, squash and gourd plants [cucurbits] can be aesthetically paired up with the flowers in your garden. High in essential nutrients, he’ll illustrate their ease in complementing your simple to your extravagant menus. He’ll also demonstrate their conventional uses, while highlighting their creative crafting values. Beautiful in the garden, healthy and delicious on the table, captivating in any artist’s hands . . . this is the nature of the cucurbit family!

The doors of Indiana’s Hamilton County Fairgrounds open to the public at 8:00am on this particular Saturday (8/6/11). Catch Mac speaking at 11:30am, or find him throughout the day at The Homestead Seeds vending booth. Mark your calendar for this “don’t miss” event!