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The Great Pumpkin Patch, just south of Arthur, IL, is proud to invite guests to see around 300 varieties of pumpkins, squash, and gourds from over 20 countries around the world: all grown here on our family farm. We love what we do and take great interest in providing beautiful surroundings for our visitors to experience the harvest season and to connect to the land and each other.
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2023 Season dates Sep 20th - Oct 29th, 2023 9 am TO 6 pm, Wednesday - Sunday OPEN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S DAY!
Pumpkins Buckets
Big Pumpkin
TGPP Squash
Open all year!
Wednesday - Sunday, 9 am - 6 pm
Open Monday October 9, 9 am - 6 pm
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The Homestead Bakery offers a full line of made-from-scratch Amish baked goods, including caramel iced cinnamon rolls, honey yeast breads, sweet breads, cookies, angel food cakes, and our famous pumpkin cookies.
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Homesteaded in 1859
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From selective seed collection to careful cultivation to culinary rewards, The 200 Acres encompasses the growing experience from start to finish. The Great Pumpkin Patch and The Homestead Bakery provide a dynamic and immersive view into the entire process. Since 1859, the McDonald-Condill family has curated a culture of diversity and land stewardship. In 1989, this family farm started growing pumpkins and inviting guests to experience the harvest season on a working farm, connecting them to the land and each other. The family, now in its sixth generation, has grown up to 63 acres of pumpkins, squash and gourds, been involved in commercial pumpkin production and worked to preserve heirloom cucurbit seeds. The evolution continued in 2006, when the made-from-scratch bakery opened its doors.
The 200 Acres
1749A E County Rd 1900 N
Arthur, IL 61911
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Bring Variety to Your Table
Dotted Line We want to make selecting and preparing squash for your family as easy as, well, pie. That’s why we’ve simplified our many varieties into four basic categories, making it easier for you to bring variety to your table. Need a 1-2 serving option? Choose Small but Mighty. Want awesome, hulless seeds? Choose Savor the Seeds. Looking for a great option for making pies or other baked goods? Choose Perfect for Pies. Need a great side dish for dinner? Choose Ready for Roasting.