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THB Open House & TGPP Gourd Gathering
April 16, 2010
There’s always something happening here in Arthur IL. Springtime melts away all of winter’s cold, snowy days, and welcomes in all the outdoor community fun.… Read More
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The Great Gourd Gathering of 2010!!
April 14, 2010
. . . so gather ‘round at The Great Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, June 5th! The Great Pumpkin Patch [TGPP] in Arthur IL opens up… Read More
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The Homestead Bakery Booth
April 13, 2010
Friday & Saturday – June 4th & 5th, 2010 The Homestead Bakery Booth in Downtown Arthur, Illinois That’s when and where you’ll want to be… Read More
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April 8, 2010
It’s only the beginning of April and already our retail doors have sprung open! We look forward to having all of you back with us… Read More
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