TGPP Welcomes The Homestead Seeds Store . . . on site this ’09 SeasonThe 200 Acres

TGPP Welcomes The Homestead Seeds Store . . . on site this ’09 Season
May 7, 2009

As the planting for a rich fall harvest sneaks up on us this spring, we keep in mind that TGPP will be making a very special introduction this fall of 2009. Our 21st season marks the grand onsite launching of The Homestead Seeds (THS) store. The store will be tucked right into all of the fun of visiting the Patch, giving all you home gardeners the chance to personally shop the rustic aisles that display nearly one hundred common, rare and heirloom seeds of the cucurbit family of pumpkins, squash and gourds. Some of these seeds are the very product of TGPP-grown produce. All the seeds sold at the THS store (and online) are painstakingly nurtured and handled to encourage a yield any grower would be proud to flaunt . . . and any cook would be thrilled to use in their menus. Look for the invaluable free literature on planting, nurturing, storing and preparing your seed purchases and their delectable by-products. Fall of 2009 is the perfect time to be thinking about and gearing up for that cucurbit garden you’re planning for the spring of 2010. Buy here, and avoid the online and phone-in shipping/handling fee!

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