The Homestead Seeds is the brainchild of Mac Condill, keeping up the family tradition of selling heirloom cucurbit seeds that began in earlier days by older brother Kit. Since growing the finest pumpkins, squash, and gourds has been the legacy of the entire Condill family for more than two decades now, garnering the finest seeds from these exceptional crops is merely one of the natural steps of the self-sustaining cycle.

Our passion for cucurbits and the preservation of its many varieties shows all over the farm, including in The Homestead Seeds store. From the unique, practical, beautiful packaging to the hands-on, down and dirty way Mac saves seeds, we take great pride in sharing these unusual varieties with the everyday gardener.

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Each bottle of seeds is hand packaged either right here on the farm, or in Mac’s living room. We count out between 15-18 seeds and put them in our one-of-a-kind amber bottles. Don’t hide your seeds in a shoe box — display them, share them and their untold story! Mac says that the amber bottles not only help preserve the seeds by keeping them in a dark place, it also serves as a great conversation piece and looks stunning on a mantle.