Fun is good. ~ Dr. Seuss


Do It . . .

U-Pick Patch – While we have plenty of pre-picked pumpkins for you to choose from, some people just like to pick their own. There are hundreds that are still on the vine so you can find those perfect pumpkins just for you.

The Great Maize Maze (Weekends & Columbus Day) – A full acre, cornfield maze with an elevated platform at the center giving you a great view of The Patch. The Maize is $2 and children 5 and under are free with a paid adult.

Miscellaneous Mazes and Meanders – We also have the Straw Bale, Sunflower, Broomcorn and even a Mini Maze for toddlers. We like mazes – they’re just plain fun. Or take a stroll through two unique habitats: the Miscanthus Meander, a winding path through 14 ft tall Floridian grass and the new Prairie Wander, filled with diverse native prairie. These mazes and meanders are all included with admission and available every day.

The TGPP Express Wagon Ride (Weekends & Columbus Day) – Board the TGPP Express and take a tour of the Patch while learning about its history and how pumpkin farming has evolved over the years. The TGPP Express is $2 and children 5 and under are free with a paid adult.

More Things To Do:

  • Wanda’s Haunted Crib – The mildest haunted barn you’ll ever encounter. Seriously, this is for the faint of heart.
  • TGPP Museum – A glimpse at the history of the Patch through pictures, videos and relics.
  • Bridle Gift Shop – Seasonal gifts ranging from décor to games to clothing.
  • The Homestead Seeds Store – Plant your own squash, pumpkins & gourds in the spring. The store carries over a hundred seed varieties to choose from.


See it . . .

Restored One-room Schoolhouse – The Center School is a restored one-room schoolhouse from 1912. It is rich with history and artifacts so plan to stop in and see what school was like back in the day.

The League of Cucurbit Nations – The pumpkin, squash and gourd varieties that we grow are found in over 30 different countries. The League features over a dozen countries and their beloved cucurbits.

The Wall O’Squash – The name kind of speaks for itself but what it doesn’t tell you is that we put about 200 different varieties on the wall. It really is awesome to see how diverse the family cucurbitaceae is!

The Pumpkin Tree – One of the longest running and most recognized displays of the entire Patch. It stands proudly at the center of all the activity.

Noah’s Ark – A re-purposed barn takes the shape of an ark with pumpkins, squash and gourds marching two by two as we try to save these rare vegetables from extinction.

More Things to See:

  • Farm Animals –Llama, pot bellied pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, roosters, turkeys and geese – and look for the Three Little Pigs & the Billy Goats Gruff!
  • Giant Corn Shock Tower – Marvel at perhaps the world’s tallest corn shock, containing more than 1500 corn stalks.
  • Rainbow O’Squash – Squash come in an array of colors and the Rainbow O’Squash highlights just how true that is.
  • The A to Z of Squash – There really are squash for every letter of the alphabet (from Amish Pie to Zulu) and we’ve gathered them here to prove it.
  • Mum Quilts – Every year we grow about 5000 mums and you can see “quilts” made with these beauties throughout the grounds.
  • Gardens – Scattered throughout the Patch you’ll find areas of botanical diversity and beauty, including a Children’s garden and Conifer garden.
Pumpkin Patch Hours
Pumpkin Patch Hours