Donation Policy

The 200 Acres is dedicated to your community and to community service. As we try to be of service to as many community projects as possible, we do have some guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  1. Please note, we are located in central Illinois, and are unable to fulfill out of state requests.
  2. Donation requests must be made thirty (30) days before the event. Due to the number of requests, we are unable to fulfill any requests not made in this time frame.
  3. Donations will be allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  4. Donations will be allocated monthly. If your donation request has been approved, you will be notified.
  5. To better serve the entire community, The 200 Acres can donate to an organization once in a twelve (12) month period from the date of the donation request.

Thank you to all in our community.


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If your organization is a non-profit, please email a copy of your tax exempt letter to us at

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