“Squash, pumpkins, gourds, all of those things, down to cucumbers–that’s all together in that one family. There’s no end to the beauty you can create out of this one plant family. The diversity is just incredible.” ~ Mac Condill


The Squash Stands Alone

The best thing to do when it comes to decorating is choose squash that speak to you to work with. Maybe it’s a funky squash simply sitting on an old chair or gracing a mantle or even lining a porch railing.


Stack ‘Em

Some folks like to defy gravity and choose flat pumpkins to stack on top of each other largest to smallest. Don’t forget the stem and the beauty it may possess for your topper.

Stretch ‘Em

I even like growing this vining plant on trellises, a chain link fence or even up a tree, just to be different! There’s no “I” in Squash, share them with others!


Pile ‘Em

Don’t underestimate how cool a pile o’ squash can be. By tilting your squash on the base, creating somewhat of a shelf, you can gain height even in a simple ground display. Give it a try–it’s like building blocks–only using round-ish vegetables!



It’s impressive how much of a statement a squash can make on your table or countertop. Setting a lowly potato amongst your decor does very little to create interest, however when replaced with a squash it all of a sudden can be interesting, and even inspiring. The shape, color, texture, and stem can all have visual affects when used with decorating in mind.

Pumpkin Patch Hours
Pumpkin Patch Hours